Rough cut of new video

Big ups to Jason for filming this and John for getting the music splitting feature up and running!

More Maker Fair Videos

John explains it all.  Quote from interviewer with a PhD in physics: “This is really awesome.” Great video from the Maker Faire, and of course, it leads with our exhibit. 🙂

Flickr fan photos

Some photos from Maker Faire by flickr fans!

Maker Faire power-up!

Check out the video below … it’s the complete exhibit, working the night before the Faire!

Countdown to Maker Faire

Nothing clarifies the mind like a hanging. This week we’ve been extra busy getting stuff actually working for Maker Faire.  Deadlines are always helpful in forcing prioritization of features and tasks, and this one is no different. Highlights: Version two of magnet hanging apparatus (made from plexiglass) doesn’t block the spotlights.  This was John’s brilliant […]

What’s that thing about time and money?

After spending about 12 hours painstakingly soldering three prototype LED boards to illuminate the tank, my tally was as follows: One completely soldered board of RGB LED lights, 80% of which I accidentally burned out when I carelessly tested an electrical connection and bypassed a necessary resistor One completely soldered board of RGB LED lights […]

New logo!

Our friend Beth made us a new logo.  It’s awesome. We’re going to get T-shirts made.  Leave a comment if you want one!

Final magnet design, (almost) final amp design

This weekend, in a marathon session of effort, we were able to create the almost final versions of both the magnets and the amplifiers for each one.  This video shows the 6 ohm magnet we made with the new winder; the new amp that we made (greatly simplified design), and a temporary stand.  You can […]

Stand build continues

Finally there’s a part of this project that isn’t entirely new for me.  We’ve been winding test magnets, soldering prototypes and fooling around with arduino code for so long that I’m getting used to all three but for the first time in a while, I’m doing something that I not only have done before, but […]