Press and videos from the Seattle Mini Maker Faire

This past weekend at Seattle Mini Maker Faire was an unquestionable success! We were blown-away by the amount of enthusiasm from the hundreds of visitors to our booth. Some quotes from participants: “that is the coolest fish tank I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have fish in it” and “favorite exhibit at Maker Faire.” Geek Wire featured us […]

All of the lights

The past few days have been frantic with last minute assembly. Peter’s house has morphed into a flurry of painting, soldering, wiring, and programming. Last night we fired up the display with all 6 LED arrays and 2 of the magnets. Apologies for the poor image quality:

Amp build is complete

Yesterday John and I had a marathon session to build and test all 4 amplifiers. We added larger thermistors after the rectifiers so that the current draw doesn’t blow the fuse. John also added some lines into the program to allow us to turn on the magnets from the computer, thereby also limiting our current […]

Amp build

Here are some photos of the new amplifier being built. I’m trying to keep it clean, but soldering isn’t my strong suit.

Big core equals big magnet

Apparently you can order large pieces of steel directly from Amazon… which dwarfs the size of the magnetic cores that we are currently using… And some magnet wire to go along with it.

Prototype 2.0

Here we add a pump into the mix..

Prototype 1.0

Here we submerge the electromagnet in a small round tank with iron shavings. The iron shavings require constant stirring otherwise they fall to the bottom. At the end of the video, the magnet blew the circuit.

Magnet winding

How do you make an electromagnet? Take magnet wire and wind it around a piece of ferrous metal. Easier said than done. Peter made an apparatus to hold multiple spools of magnet wire: Then we used a cordless drill to spin an iron core and winding the magnet wire: The result: a fat magnet!