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Big core equals big magnet

Apparently you can order large pieces of steel directly from Amazon… which dwarfs the size of the magnetic cores that we are currently using… And some magnet wire to go along with it.

Hysteresis and Coercivity

Or why our magnets suck and how to fix them. So, we’ve all noticed that the magnet display is only really cool when the field is rapidly changing.  We’ve also noticed that the field tends to get to reach it’s maximum size and kinda hang there.  And even then the power goes down sharply the […]

Prototype 5.1

Big tank; single magnet. Lights on top.

55 gallon fish tank!

Cleaned, polished, and ready to rock and roll.  

Prototype 4.2.1

Two 60V electromagnets, the second with reversed polarity; set to some simple music.

Prototype 4.1

Setup phase; LEDs above & below; single 60V electro-magnet (disabled); internal circulation pump active

Prototype 3.3

Note LEDs active at top; recirculation pump is active; magnet is inactive

Prototype 3.2

Nickel alloy flake, 60V power, FFT transform software V2.1